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About me...

It is my hope to support my clients managing big emotions, depression, anxiety, high stress circumstances, the affects of trauma and PTSD, grief/loss, and challenges in relationships.

I truly enjoy working with people who want to explore authenticity-- those who are questioning who they are and who they want to be-- those who are recognizing a pattern of experiences and want to find freedom and purpose.

I believe that exploration through creation, movement and conversation can lead to a more satisfying way of being. Genuine joy, the recognition of passion and true self-acceptance are not only possible but the beginning of a fulfilling life. I hope to work with you or your teen to create sustainable health. 

I am currently training in a modality of Somatic Psychotherapy that combines developmental psychology, energetic movement and somatic principles.  We will use this framework to look back at your earliest childhood memories, images and experiences for clues that direct us to key moments of unmet needs or pain.  Then, we make space to notice the ways you adapted in order to survive and how that continues to be the case in the present.  Looking back helps us find where you pushed you authentic self away and how you continue to block your authentic self from being seen now.  This is profound work that can lead to realignment of the body, mind, will, and spirit.

I hold a master’s degree from Saybrook University (2013) and am licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in Washington state.  I completed a year long internship at Seattle Counseling Service, the first center in Seattle to serve the LGBTQ community.  There, my passion for working with clients who identify outside of the gender and sexuality binary developed. Before practicing as a therapist and coach, I worked intimately with families as a behavior consultant and childcare provider.  I also lead a preschool classroom for over five years. 

Outside of work, I am an avid climber, artist, and dancer.  Movement and mindfulness have become  valued forms of expression and often shows up in the work I do with clients. 

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