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​Are you feeling lost or like you want more from life? Have you tried everything with little change? 


Together we can try something new.  

I offer a space to talk, feel, move and grow.  


More than anything, I am here to listen while offering reflections, feedback and insights.  To offer movement or means of expression that may help release held energy so you can feel more freedom in your body and mind.

I find that change influences change.  So, once you get started, you will begin to feel relief in many areas of your life.

Now is the time to investigate your truths and let go of what isn't working. 

Managing hard emotions

 Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, regret, grief/loss, boredom.  If it seems like time to try something different, therapy can be a place to look inward and listen to your emotions, deep truths and desires.  ((Easier said then done. I hear you.))  But it is my experience that some support from a profession trained to help you listen often leads to meaningful change.

Questioning your purpose

What are you passionate about? How does this translate to your life goals?  I find it helpful to check in on this question throughout the life stages as it can develop and change with age and experience.  Existential angst is real.  Do you know what you want but can't get yourself to make a move or do you feel completely blocked?  Sometimes questions like these lead us to our own self-perception, beliefs about self-worth or expectations from others (or ourselves).   

Healing from trauma

The effects of trauma can intimately alter a person’s wellbeing by adversely affecting development, negatively influencing relationships and contributing to mental health issues.  First, we breathe in compassion.  Then, with the help of research backed methodology, we will begin the journey together.


Maybe you just need to process through the patterns of your life and increase your ability to induce meaningful change in your life.  Maybe you just want to know yourself a little bit better or dive deeper into your relational patterns.  Therapy can be a place to learn new skills and deepen our relationship with ourself. 

Gender and sexuality exploration

Whether you identify outside of the gender or sexuality binary or just feel the desire to explore, therapy can be a place to learn to understand, accept and love yourself.

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