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Finding Solid Ground

This group is an opportunity for 15-18 year old, female-bodied adolescences to build self-awareness while exploring their relationship to themselves and others. This twice-monthly group meets six times and is designed to be a safe space for teens to explore their authentic selves while being part of a community of peers. Each group meeting combines education on a relevant issue with a guided movement experience. Educational themes include beauty & body image, emotional regulation (questioning substance and technology use), communication and healthy relationships.

As I meet with more and more teens, it is clear that many have lost touch with themselves in an effort to fit in or reach societal/parental expectations.  They describe experiencing a great deal of stress and display the origins of masks and deep avoidance of their truths.  It is my hope that this workshop will offer them techniques to grow an appropriate understanding of self along with tools to witness, interpret and manage big feelings.  Working in a group setting allows us the space to look at what changes as we feel fear of rejection and the beauty of belonging.

Payment will be $60/session. More Info Coming SOON!

Contact me for more information.

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