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Somatics and Energy Work

Managing hard emotions

Questioning your purpose

What are you passionate about? How does this translate to your life goals?  I find it helpful to check in on this question throughout the life stages as it can develop and change with age and experience.  Existential angst is real.

Healing from trauma

The effects of trauma can intimately alter a person’s wellbeing by adversely affecting development, negatively influencing relationships and contributing to mental health issues.  First, we breathe in compassion.  Then, with the help of research backed methodology, we will begin the journey together.


Maybe you just need to process through the patterns of your life and increase your ability to induce meaningful change in your life.  Maybe you just want to know yourself a little bit better or dive deeper into your relationships.

Gender and sexuality exploration

Whether you identify outside of the gender or sexuality binary or just feel the desire to explore, therapy can be a place to learn to understand, accept and love yourself.

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